WallMount «FLAT-1»

WallMount «FLAT-1»

Indoor set 2

Indoor set 2

WallMount Set «FLAT-1 dual»

Slackline set with the wall mounts «FLAT-1», designed for mounting on concrete walls. Originally, they were designed for use in sports halls, where nothing should stick out of the walls.

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Slackline & Wallmount Set «FLAT-1 dual»


Notes on installation
Instalation of the wall mounts is very simple and can be done by anyone who can handle a drill and a hammer. Instalation can only be done in a proper concrete wall.
Please note: safety regulations and the installation instructions (PDF and Video)

What defines SLACKTIVITY wall mounts

Easy to rig off
Thanks to the high-strength connection loop anything can be conneted in seconds.

Long life span
SLACKTIVITY is the only supplier of wall mounts that (thanks to the connection loops) do not cause steel to steel friction. With steel on steel friction, it inevitably leads to abrasion of the steel at the load points. Here, it pays to rely on quality for sustainable safety.

Swiss Made
All slackline wall mounts are made in Swiss SMEs. This guarantees a high quality and a durable product.

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