TreeSling 5m

Our Treesling is developed especially for slacklining. It is easily adjustable in length, lighter than standard roundslings, sticks to your treeprotection and has a big surface area to keep your trees happy!

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Adjustable sling «TreeSling-5m»

Our own Treesling is developed to create the most versatile and easy to use sling for anchoring your lines. Our Treesling is easily adjustable in lengths between 30 to 240cm. This makes it really easy to attach your sling and adjust it to the proper length, so it never slides down. The 5 centimeter wide surface area ensures that the sling does not damage the tree. Velcro straps on the inside of the sling keep the sling attached to your tree protector. Even on the biggest trees your sling will stay in place! The Treesling is also 250% lighter than standard industrial roundslings. All in all, the most versatile, easy to use and lightweight sling for anchoring slacklines! 

Tip: You can double up the TreeSling for better distribution of pressure on the bark of the tree (recommended for sensitive trees in spring). This also almost doubles the MBS of sling, which brings it up to to the MBS of a normal RoundSling. This means this is the lighest sling on the market to rig your trickline to!
Doubling up means that you also attach a shackle to the sling directly, see the video on how to do this!


  • Alot lighter than «RoundSling», 250%!
  • Adjustable from 30cm to 500cm
  • Always ensure close anchoring of your ratchet your weblock close to tree
  • Belt to close the sling, no need for an extra piece of gear!


  • Dimensions: 500x5cm
  • Weight: 570g
  • Material: Polyester and a chromed steel buckle
  • Minimum breaking strength (MBS) with buckle on the back of the tree: 36kN
  • MBS with buckle not on the back of tree: 30kN (misuses)
  • When the sling is twice around he tree the MBS will almost be doubled!
  • WLL: 8kN
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