TreeProtection Set

TreeProtection Set

TreeProtection 3L SET

TreeProtection 3L SET

TreeProtection-Set 3.0

The strongest and longest tree protectors on the market.

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The SLACKTIVITY Treeprotector is the longest one on the market! And maybe even the most robust one. 


  • Practical Velcro closing
  • The polyester fabric inside makes the tree protector very sturdy and protects the tree even better than other models
  • Thanks to felt fabric around the edge the tree protection sticks slightly to the tree 
  • Suitable for all slackline systems


  • Material: Felt fabric (front), polyester fabric (back)
  • Length: 240cm, Witdhness: 12.5cm, Thickness: 3mm
  • Volume: 0.5Liter
  • Weight: 340g

Note: ALWAYS use treeprotection when you go slacklining. When you are in the situation where the treeprotection is to sure, be sure to protect the part of the tree where most of the friction will occur (so this is the front, not the back of the tree).

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