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Webbing Grip with a unique lightweight design optimized for use in HangOverPulley. The T-Grip is easier to reposition than any other clamping device.

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The development of the in-house webbing grips started in 2013 and is therefore the long-term development of SLACKTIVITY. The focus was on finding a new rubber that does not age (become brittle) over time, a sufficient removal of the pulling direction (to the weblock) for the HangOverPulley and that the line grip can be easily adjusted. 2019 - Mission complete!

The function of the T-Grip is to hold / clamp slackline webbing (made of polyamide or polyester) and has been optimized for use in HangOverPulley.

The T-Grip is suitable for slackline thicknesses of 1 - 5 mm and webbing widths of 20 - 26 mm. It is consitst of lightweight parts made of high-strength aircraft 7075 and 6061 aluminum. The interchangeable Dyneema double sling protects your HangOver, as there is no metal-on-metal friction. The difference to all other available webbing grips lies, among other things, in the particularly durable synthetic rubber that does not become brittle over time like the rubber made from natural rubber compounds (LineGrip rubber, Vibram, etc.).


To mount the T-Grip, the underside (black part) of the T-Grip is positioned from below on the slackline webbing. The top of the T-Grip (green part) is clipped onto it in the middle, for this purpose two ball head bolts snap into the bottom of the T-Grip. Fixed on the slackline, the two loops can now be conveniently placed over the deflection rollers on the top of the T-grip. And in reverse order, the T-Grip is removed from the slackline again.


  • Weight: 200g
  • Dimensions LxHxW: 95x65x55mm
  • synthetic special rubber
  • Approved for use on webbings made of polyester or nylon
  • breaking load 22kN (UHWMPE loop
  • WLL: 7kN

Features of the T-Grip

  • Optimized for easy repositioning on the slackline webbing (with HangOverPulley)
  • Thanks to the surrounding construction, the slackline webbing cannot slide sideways
  • The synthetic rubber is more resistant than the rubber of previous webbing grips
  • Optimized for use with all HangOverPulley translations (also 5: 1 and 15: 1 with the SoftRiggingPlate)

Note on the operating conditions

The T-Grip should only be used in dry conditions, in a temperature range from -10 to 40 ° C. The T-Grip can slip on wet and particularly smooth polyester webbing because the water film on the slackline webbing forms a sliding layer.

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