Experience 30m - 70m

Experience 30m - 70m

PRO 50m - 100m

PRO 50m - 100m

superJumpline 25m - 70m

Higher jumps than with the superjumpline webbing are not possible with any other polyester band!

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Slackline-Webbing «superJumpline»

The band of the superJumpline is finely woven. So it feels soft under the foot. It reacts very powerful and has a lot of JumpPower. It has been used as Jumpline multiple times at the Swiss Trickline Competetioin. In 2017 the SuperJumpline was used at the RedBull Slackship, the athletes liked the power of the line! For all those who are still in doubt between tricklining and longlining, go for a long piece of webbing, and use it as a longline (make sure you get a longer soft release then 2m). It's weaved so the line almost doesn't fold, sometimes it's even nicer than 50mm webbing that folds under high tension.


  • Stretch @10kN: 5%
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 36kN
  • Weight: 64g/m


Benefits compared to other trickline webbing. 

  • Thanks to the whiteGrip you can find a better grip on the slackline!
  • Very fine weave prevents abrasions, this means pleasant edges.
  • Thin webbing, many layers can roll up on the ratchet while tensioning. More tension can be achieved! 


Up to 50m, the low-stretch webbing can be easily tensioned with two monster ratchets. Distances up to 70m are also possible, but the slackline has to be set up slightly higher (2-3m).

For distances greater than 30m or high tension, the use of a soft release to detension the webbing is strongly recommended.

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