Thanks to a special weave method from SLACKTIVITY®, the superJumpline offers more jump-power than ever! It was never possible to perform such high jumps on a slackline. Due to the light orange the webbing is much better visible when landing the jumps than with conventional slacklines. With the two monster ratchets, the slackline can be brought to the desired tension in a very short time. The webbing offers not only excellent jump-power, but at the same time is very pleasant for walking or bouncing.

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superJumpline 25/50/70m - The competition Jumpline

The band of the superJumpline is finely woven. So it feels soft under the foot. It reacts very powerful and has a lot of JumpPower. It has been used as Jumpline multiple times at the Swiss Trickline Competetioin. In 2017 the SuperJumpline was used at the RedBull Slackship, the athletes liked the power of the line! For all those who are still in doubt between tricklining and longlining, go for a long piece of webbing, and use it as a longline (make sure you get a longer soft release then 2m). It's weaved so the line almost doesn't fold, sometimes it's even nicer than 50mm webbing that folds under high tension.

Benefits compared to other Slackline-Sets

  • The monster rattles are extremely powerful long lever ratchets. They've been optimized for slacklines use; the handle is pulled away from the tree during the tensioning process. 
  • Thanks to the spacers, webbing fits nice and tight within the ratchets, no room for the webbing to go the sides. 
  • The wear on the webbing by the ratchet is much lower than with other ratchets due to the spacers between the webbing and the metal side plate. 
  • Thanks to adjustable tree slings, the ratchet always hangs flat, in the middle of the tree (so less problems with aligntment of the webbing) and as close to the tree as possible (with the option «TreeSling»). 
  • The TreeProtectors included in the set have a length of 2.4 meters (the longest tree protection on the market) and are therefore also suitable for large trees. 
  • Thanks to the whiteGrip you can find a better grip on the slackline!
  • Weave that almost doesn't fold. The 37mm is sometimes nice than 50mm webbing that folds under high tension


The adjustable tree slings are in most cases the best choice, as the length can be adjusted to the circumference of the tree (30-240cm circumference or 30-500cm with 5m Treesling). This means while setting up the sling doesn't slide off the Treeprotecion/tree, especially not with the added velcro on the inside of the sling. If you don't like the MBS of 35kN in the TreeSling 2.4m, go for the TreeSling 5m and go twice around the tree (MBS: 70kN). 

Round slings are then the right choice when it comes to attaching the slackline to other objects then trees (steel beams, concrete piers, etc.). The RoundSling is twice as heavy and more bulky then the TreeSling, but this seems logical compared to the High Safety Factor/MBS/WLL. 

SoftRelease System

We recommend purchasing a softRelease with shackle. The softRelease allows detensioning in a material-friendly manner. With the 50m and 70m option a softRelease of 4m is highly recommended! Compared to the separate purchase of a softRelease with shackle you save some money. 

The ideal length for tricks is between 12- & 30 meter!


  • 25m/50m/70m superJumpline webbing (37mm in witdh)
  • 2 MonsterRatchets
  • 2 Adjustable «TreeSling» 2.4m or  «RoundSling» 2.5m
  • 2 Shackles or 2 TwistShackle (with Roundsling) from 12mm
  • 2 TreeProtectors (2.4m long 13cm in witdh)
  • 1 SLACKTIVITY-Bag with instructions
  • 1 «onePageManual»
  • 1 (optional) «softRelease+Shackle» / «softRelease-4m+Schackle» /«softRelease-10m+Shackle»

Recommendations on softRelease

SoftRelease (STANDARD) superJumpline 25m (high tension) & superJumpline 50m (medium tension) & superJumpline 70m (low tension)

SoftRelease-4m superJumpline 25m (very high tension) & superJumpline 50m (high tension) & superJumpline 70m (medium-tension)


  • superJumpline 25m adjust. TreeSling: 7.51kg / RoundSlings: 8.30kg
  • superJumpline 50m adjust. TreeSlings: 8.85kg / RoundSlings: 9.64kg
  • superJumpline 70m adjust. TreeSlings: 10.15kg / RoundSlings: 10.94kg
  • softRelease & Shackle: 0.38kg
  • softRelease-4m & Shackle: 0.48kg
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