The lightest RiggingPlate ever - perfectly tuned for the HangOverPulley

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The softRP is our brand new lightweight rigging plate. Designed for a Hangover-Pulley-System to tension long- or highlines.

With it's weight of only 42 grams, it is the lightest rigging plate available on the market.

Combined with 2 or 3 HangOvers, a chainlock, a quicklink and a LineGrip, you could easily make a 9:1 system. Use 5 HangOvers and a chainlock to create a 15:1 pulley system.

We recommend using a quicklink or a carabiner to fix the softRP to the LineGrip.


  • LxHxW:150x50x26mm
  • Weight: 45g
  • Material: polyester
  • Breaking Load (one strand): 20kN
  • WLL (one strand): 6kN

Features (USP)

  • lighter than Alumium RiggingPlates
  • no metal-on-metal friction -> protects the HangOver from abrasion
  • provides the ideal distance between the bands in HangOverPulley
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