The softRelease has been developed to detension short longlines and tricklines gently. To prevent any damage done by releasing your line with a ratchet.

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softRelease Systeme - Gently release a slackline

Releasing your slackline opening the ratchets all the time is bad for the lifetime of your ratchet and webbing. Thereby dangerous situations might occur. With this softRelease you can easily detension your slackline without damaging the ratchet, the webbing or yourself. 

The softRelease weighs just 180gr. It is rolled up again within 15 seconds after use and is secured with a buckle.

This system is suitable for slacklines up to 30m (ofcourse depending on the amount of stretch in the line). For longer lines the "softRelease4" and "softRelease10" are recommended.


  • Mimimum Breaking Strength (MBS): >60kN
  • Protective fabric around the end loop
  • Release webbing 25mm (Polyester)
  • Weight 180g

Note: An additional carabiner or shackle is required to connect the softRelease to a ratchet or end loop. 

More info about the softRelease

SLACKTIVITY was the first`to manufacturer the softRelease system (2011). Since then, this term has become established for this type of detensioning syste in the slackline scene. 

The first model of the softRelease was equipped with a Velcro strip. This has its advantages in in use, but the disadvantage that the clamping force decreases over time. The current model is therefore equipped with a clamping buckle as a closure, which makes the softRelease more durable.

The softRelease's lifetime is significantly increased if you ensure that the softRelease is released slowly and in a controlled manner.

All softRelease models are compatible with the seaHorse-DP (SLACKTIVITY-WebLock with double pin). This combination allows the softRelease to be installed with just one shackle 

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