Samuel Volery’s attempt to break the world’s longest slackline highline (537m) got rudely interrupted after just 2 days. The line got hit by several lightning bolts; the line snapped.

Unexpected surprise

After just 1 day of rigging in the beautiful area also known as ‘Churfirsten’ stated in Switzerland, Samuel and his team managed to set up a whopping 537m long prototype. Samuel couldn’t help but to try the line at the same day, just so he could test the waters a bit. Because it was already quite dark, he only managed to walk for around 60-70 meters.

Next day the conditions were perfect. In the morning, a few crew members tried to walk the line, but after several attempt it seemed nearly impossible. Then it was Samuel’s turn. With great difficulty and a lot of stumbles, he finally managed to cross the line after approximately 2 hours! When it was getting dark they decided to call it a day, mainly because there was a storm coming so they had to shelter. Not knowing what surprise would await them the next day.. check out the movie for the whole story!