Slackline Contest

  1. Round 3 Slacktivity Indoor Rodeoline Challenge 2020

    Core - Yogaline

    Here Gaelle Joubert will show you 3 yoga positions on the line. The Dove, The Plank and the Exposure sit, all great training for your Core! Are you looking for a more detailed tutorial check this playlist of YogaLine video's by Andrea Dattoli.

    Want to know more about this contest, click here

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  2. Round 2 Slacktivity Indoor Rodeoline Challenge 2020

    First Slackline Workout

    Time to work those arms, abs and legs! Sarah Rixham will show you 3 ways to improve your strength using the slackline! Want to know more about this contest, click here

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  3. Take part in the game and become the Slacktivity Freestyle Champion 2020!

    From March to June 2020 we challenge you with 10 different slackline tasks that you have to master. After the task is released, you have 3 weeks to stick the challenge. Every week, a new challenge will be released. Every time you succeed to fulfill the task, you will get to the next round. Every week the tasks will become more challenging. This year, due to the circumstances, the challenges will take place on (indoor) rodeolines. As some of you might not have much space at home, surfing challenges won’t be part of the game. If the tasks are too easy for you, try to combine all of them into one combo.

    Most importantly: Please stay safe! If you feel like one of the tasks could lead to an injury, please don’t do it. You can use mats to lower down the risk. Stay home, stay safe, but don’t forget to have fun.


    See the video for a better explaination of the competition. Here you can also see the first trick of the contest! 

    Overview of tricks

      Trick Presented by Start Deadline Challenge Video Succesfull 
    Round 1 5-seconds Samuel Volery 24th March 14th April Video  
    Round 2 Slackline Workout Sarah Rixham 31th March 21th April Video  
    Round 3 Core Gaelle Joubert 7th April 28th April Video  
    Round 4            
    Round 5            
    Round 6            
    Round 7            
    Round 8            
    Round 9            
    Round 10            

    What can you win?

    First of all eternal fame! Plus cool skills and a strong body. The Slacktivity Freestyle Champion will win a SLACKTIVITY DaVinci Line plus a Traveler Slackline Set of 40m that weights only 2kg.

    You think that you won’t make it 1st place? Good news for you: There will be a second winner! The participant that classifies in the middle of the entire ranking will win a 15m Traveler Slackline that weights only 1kg and is simply the ideal light weight rodeoline set.

    How can I participate?

    Slacktivity uploads a video of each round on their Youtube channel, this page and on Facebook. From that moment on you’ll have 3 weeks to send us back your video, performing the trick. You’ll have to upload a video of you doing the requested trick to a video-platform of your choice (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, others – important to have open privacy settings, so that we will be able to watch the video without any login). Then you send us an e-mail to The following information need to be in the e-mail:

    Header: Make sure to state what round it is already in the header. E.g. “Round 1 – Samuel Volery”

    • Your Full Name
    • Age (only necessary in the first e-mail)
    • Country of Residence (only necessary in the first e-mail or if you change residence)
    • Link to the video
    • Optional: Sponsors
    • Optional: Slackline-Association / Federation 

    It would be cool if you use Slacktivity Intro or logo in the video. You can download the intro video here, and the logo's here

    If you want, then share this video and challenge a friend who should also participate.


    You participate at your own risk. In the first days of the challenge we will post some pictures and videos of possible rodeoline anchoring methods. We do not take any responsibility for any damage caused to your room, house or furniture.


    Your video is your property. We will not use any of your content on our channels unless you give us written permission to do that.

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  4. Final Round Slackline Contest

    Spin to win

    The final and last round 10 is here! Quite the challenge, time to get dizzy! The goal is to keep doing the same sequence of Chest - Sofa - Back - Belly, with each time you succeed to do one roll in each position you have to add one more. Is your head already spinning? Good luck! 

    In round 6, 36 people succeed. Want to know more about the competition click here

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  5. Round 9 Slacktivity Freestyle Competition

    Rocket-Mount to Sofa to Sick-Nasty to Feet.

    Lukas Irmler explains the 9th round of our competetion

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  6. Round 8 Slacktivity Freestyle Competition

    The Backroll

    Louise Lenoble challenges in round 8 to do not one, but two backrolls, ready for it? So far we haven't done any shoulderstands yet, eventhough it is now time to make a backwards one directly to a sitting position. From there on in the same bounce you have to go to feet again. Go to exposure and make a backwards sofaroll going to feet afterwards. The main challenge will be to keep the bounce going and get the right tempo to stand up again at the right moment. Good luck!

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  7. Round 7 Slacktivity Freestyle Competiton

    Sofa Style

    Time to sit down and get back up in style! Sam really mastered the Sofa roll by now, he challgens you to play with the timing and earn some style points while bouncing. Sam also gives you an exercise to start with the sofa bounce on a highline. Good luck! 

    Information about how to participate can be found here.

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  8. Round 6 Slacktivity Freestyle Competition

    This is the 6th challenge in the contest, brought to you by our Slacktivity Athlete Richard! In this video you will learn one of his signature tricks which makes his style so amazing, powerfull and fun! The Korean roll to sofa position, the tricky part is the timing here, in time you have to put your leg over the line and quickly grab the line before it will throw your self off. Also be quick this time after the roll you need to stand up quickly. 

    Information about how to participate & how many people succeeded can be found here.

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  9. Round 5 Slacktivity Freestyle Competition

    This combo is the fifth assignment in our slackline contest. In this video Slacktivity Athlete Louis Lenobe shows the 5th challenge. Last challenge you already had a go had getting from sitting to feet, this round has this challenge once more. But now also from feet to sitting. Louise explains that it's important to change your position when you're "lightweight" aka on top of the bounce. And when you are "heavy" on the end of the bounce you have to be strong. Good luck!  

    Information about how to participate can be found here.

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  10. Round 4 Slacktivity Freestyle Competition

    This combo is the fourth assignment in our slackline contest. In this video Slacktivity Athlete Sarah Rixham shows the 4th challenge. It's time to get to the more challenging combo's. We go from backbounce, to chestroll, to feet. It has element of tricky balancing on the back, and the fast acting for getting back on the line again in one bounce. Checkout the video, Sarah will talk you right through it! 

    Some backstory from Sarah about the video:

    I’m stoked to present this combo as I hadn’t tried it before so it was fun to try something new! I’m really psyched about learning new bounce tricks on the highline at the moment as I’m finally making progress after everything feeling so hard (and scary) at the beginning. Especially the mount in this combo which took me a really long time to learn and it feels like just the basics (not to put you off trying I’ve seen people learn it in one session). So even if you think it’s too hard or scary try this combo or even just some parts of it, it will become really fun I promise!

    Information about how to participate can be found here.

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  11. Round 3 Slacktivity Freestyle Competion

    This combo is the third assignment in our slackline contest. In this video dutch slackliner Tijmen van Dieren explains how to do it.
    This combo is the perfect one to get a feeling of what it's like to do trickbouncing on a highline. Later on you can try to get bigger amplitude, for now, you can do it with smaller bounces and make it yourself a bit easier. 

    Information about how to participate can be found here.

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  12. Round 2 Slacktivity Freestyle Competition

    The Korean Roll

    The second assignment is The Korean Roll. It is explained to you by Gaëlle Joubert

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  13. Round 1 Slacktivity Freestyle Competiton

    The Deadman Dive

    The deadman dive is the first assignment in our slackline contest. In this video Lukas Irmler explains how to do it.

    Information about how to participate can be found here.


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