Get inspriration for you first steps, static- and dynamic tricks on a slackline! All the videos help you out to become a better slackliner, explained by Samuel Volery, Tobias Rodenkirch & Jonas Konijnenberg. 


Standing & Walking

The basic of slacklining is that you can stand and walk on it, it's the first thing you should learn on a slackline. The shorter and tighter a slackline is set up, the easier it is. The slackline then allows less deflection. A length of three to five meters is an ideal length to start with. 

Half a turn

In the starting position, the front foot is turned inwards and the back straight compared to the line. The body weight is on the front foot. Now turn the back foot 180 ° and at the same time change your gaze in a quick movement (similar to a pirouette).

Standing in Exposure

Static Tricks


Inverted Knee-Drop-Turn


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