The Swiss Slacktivity athlete Angela Garcia is planning to go to the World Championship slacklining in Brazil. Angela became Swiss champion in 2014 and is now focusing on competing on international level. The extremely motivated Garcia speaks on “” how she got into slacklining and her process within the sport until today. 

Angela slacklining


On her personal page over at “” Angela says that the discovery of this website gave her hope to get to Brazil and battle slackliners from all over the world! She has set a goal of 2500 CHF (about €2400). Already 25% of the total amount is collected, but she still has a long way ahead of her! 

Angela wants to push the sport forward and show the older generations, as well as the younger ones that slacklining is a sport with endless possibilities! The talented Swiss says that slacklining is something for people with all kinds of tastes and different skill-levels. Angela wants to show the world that Switzerland has extraordinary athletes who take slacklining very seriously, and she hopes that the sport gains more and more support in the future!

More info about the crowdfunding action of Angela you'll find on:!/projectdetail/3646

Angela Garcia slackline