Highline World Record 477m slackline

During the Moléson highline meeting in september 2015 Samuel Volery crushed the world record of highlining (high slacklining). Chauffour Pierre Productions and Jan-Georg Wagenfeld made a movie about his record breaking walk.

"Over the clouds. Sky's the Limit"

Sam broke his record on the mountain Moléson, during the Highline Extreme, a meeting of the very best highliners of the world. "We are here mainly to have some fun!" Sam continues: "I wanted to make one last try in the evening. I heard someone else walking on the parallel highline and this gave me the confidence that I wasn't alone out there. I stopped thinking, just counting my steps. It was a meditative state of mind!

Samuel about the high level of slackliners in Moléson: "We were pusing each other to the next distances. It was not only me at this event that made a big walk. It was everybody realizing how much more is possible!"

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