TwistShackle  12mm

TwistShackle 12mm

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QuickLink 8mm


Easy-to-use steel slackline carabiner with good price-performance ratio

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Our silver carabiner is the top choice for attaching most slacklines, as long as the forces don't exceed the Working Load Limit (WLL: 7kN). The carabiner is lightweight, easy to handle and has a sharp price. The Twist-Lock gate ensures that the gate is always closed when using the carabiner. Thanks to the oval shape the carabiner is optimised for various load scenarios. Checkout the video for the force measurements!


  • Carabiner opening: ca. 21mm
  • Diameter Body: 9.5-10mm
  • Weight: 170g
  • Material: Carbon-Steel (40 ACR)
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) Major Axis: 25kN
  • MBS Minor Axis: 7kN
  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 7kN

More information

Various break load tests have shown that the SLACKTIVITY slackline carabiner is the most resistant to triload loads compared to other manufacturers' carabiners. In the standard carabiner test, the carabiner is tested with 2x12mm shackles as anchorage. Especially in the case of slacklining, this standard test does not correspond to the real type of load (wide sling). More info in the video. This means you should still avoid triloading a carabiner

Carabiner or Shackle?

The advantage of carabiners is the easy connectability. The weakness of the carabiners is their vulnerability to triangular loads (triloading). With our sets «Allround» and «Experience» no triload occurs thanks to the Tree Sling. When forces get higher a shackle is preffered. 

Recommended use for:

  • the Slackline Sets «Allround» & «Experience»
  • Rodeo- and AcroLines
  • lowtension-Longlines (below 5kN & no triload)
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