TwistShackle  12mm

TwistShackle 12mm

Shackle 12mm

Versatile high quality shackle with good price-performance ratio.

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Stainless Steel Shackle 12mm 

Our 12mm stainless steel shackle is the best choice for anchoring longlines, highlines, jumplines or any other line were high forces might occur and a heavy-duty shackle is needed.The shackle can be attached to slings, rigging plates, pulleys, weblocks, soft-releases and many other items


  • Mouth Witdh: ca. 23.5mm
  • Pin Diameter: 12mm
  • Body Diameter: 11.6mm
  • Weight 204g
  • Material: Stainless STeel S.S.316
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 60kN
  • Working Load Limit (Safety Factor: 5): 10kN
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