WallMount Set «FLAT-1 dual»

WallMount Set «FLAT-1 dual»


With double protective layers, and a MBS of 70kN, the perfect sling to anchor any slackline.

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Industrial sling «RoundSlings»

Roundslings are the best choice when it comes to anchoring your slacklines. Our slings consists of many wraps of a polyester core, wrapped in two layers of a highly abrasion resistant polyester sheeth. When the first layer is damaged, the second layer is still there to protect the core of your sling. Because of these properties, our roundslings are the perfect choice for situations where abrasion might occur.

Nevertheless, ALWAYS use Tree-Protection around trees and pillars with cornes. Same goes for anchoring to a rock, ALWAYS use padding to prevent any damage to your sling.


  • Round sling length = 0.5m / circumference = 1m / Weight: approx. 180g
  • Round sling L = 1m / C = 2m / Weight: approx. 300g
  • Round sling L = 2m / C = 4m / Weight: approx. 560g
  • Round sling L = 2.5m / C = 5m / Weight: approx. 720g
  • Round sling L = 3m / C = 6m / Weight: approx. 870g
  • Round sling L = 4m / C = 8m / Weight: approx. 1200g
  • Round sling L = 5m / C = 10m / Weight: approx. 1500g
  • Round sling L = 6m / C = 12m / Weight: approx. 1800g
  • Break load (applies to all lengths): 70kN
  • WLL (applies to all lengths): 15kN
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