PRO 50m - 100m

Perfect for long lines up to 100m but also playful and versatile webbing for footjumping and static tricks

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Slackline-Webbing «lowStretch»

The first and so far only webbing on the market that can only be tensioned with ratchets up to 100m in length!

Compared to the other two webbing, the low stretch has about half as much stretch. This makes the line easier to handle, especially at distances of 50m or more. But also for FoodJumps this band offers a clear pressure point with a very direct rebound and still remains easy to control. Thanks to the fine and precise weaving process, the low-stretch webbing is more robust and durable.


  • Stretdch at 10kN: 3%
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 32kN
  • Weight: 64g/m
  • Super abrasion proof


  • Low stretch allows easy tension up to 100m
  • Super abrasion restitand print
  • 1-meter markers to determine distance
  • Due to compact weaving very robust slackline webbing


Up to 70m, the low-stretch webbing can be easily tensioned with two monster ratchets. Distances up to 100m are also possible, but the slackline has to be set up slightly higher (2-3m).

For distances greater than 30m or high tension, the use of a soft release to detension the webbing is strongly recommended.

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