ParkSet redTube

ParkSet redTube

Primitive set

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The perfect upgrade when you want something more than just a short line, but you don’t want to go big right away. 

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Primitive set -  Choose your own webbing!

Finally, something in between our beginner sets (Minimum, Allround & Expert) and our HangOver Pulley System! The Primitive Set, with special benefits thanks to the HangOver and the Standard Tree Sling. The perfect upgrade when you want something more than just a short line, but you don’t want a big set right away.

Which webbing?

Go for the PinkTube if you want a light set, and have fun on a length up to 25m. With this setup (thanks to the multiplier), you’re able to tension the strechy PinkTube enought to rig it in the park without 4m high anchors.
Go for Marathon if you like it lower and tight, the low stretch (4% @10kN), makes it easier to get it tight relativy easy. 
Or go with another classic tubular webbing, RedTube, a heavy stretchy tubular webbing, guarantee fun & training! 

Go for Low Stretch (Marathon) if you want to focus on walking distance in the park. It's perfect for flow state, static tricks and your first surfs. Is your focus to practice for highlining, go for the 30m High Stretch (redTube & pinkTube) if your aim is to go highlining or if you have more fun when you can do big surfs, bounce tricks and surfwalks, then one of these two webbings is perfect for you!
Check our webbing categories for a more detailed description on each webbing. 

Benefits of the Slacktivity Primitive set

Thanks to the Standard Tree Sling you’re able to adjust the length of the sling to any tree (up to 2,4m). Together with the small Velcro piece on the sling this makes that your sling will never slide down the tree! This sling gives the possibility to directly attach the Small Rigging Plate (SmallRP) without an extra connector. Easy packable and light weight compared to other slings.

The SmallRP prevents the carabiner from triloading (carabiners are made for a straight pull, not for a pull in 3 different directions). Triloading will weaken your carabiner, with this set this is prevented. The additional holes gives the advantage of easy attachment of the multiplier.

The HangOver multiplier makes sure that you always be able to tension your line to your desired tension. The HangOver has less frictionthen a regular carabiner, which means more efficiency. Besides that, you’re already prepared for starting your highline career, because you already have an HangOver!

With this set you already have some pieces of the HangOver Pulley System. With an LineGrip, SoftRelease, SeaHorse-DP and 2 HangOvers you’re ready to rig lines of 50m and maybe more.

How to set-up


  • 1x HangOver 2.0
  • 1x Webbing -> 30m PinkTube, RedTube 30m, Marathon 50m
  • 3x Carabiner Silver (MBS: 25kN)
  • 2x/3x ChainLock (depending on webbing)
  • 1x Twist Shackle (MBS: 60kN)
  • 2x Standard Tree Sling (MBS: 36kN, Length: 2.4m)
  • 2x Tree Protector
  • 1x Small Rigging Plate (MBS: 28kN)


The weight of the line: 1,5kgs (PinkTube), 2,28kgs (RedTube), 3.1kgs (Marathon)
Weight of the rest of the set: 2,4kgs

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