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ParkSet halfMarathon

Most highlines worldwide are rigged with the SLACKTIVITY HangOver. Never before has it been easier and safer to tension longlines.

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HangOverPulley Park set! 

Save on single parts

The HangOverPulley Park set is a high end park set to get into longlining and highlining! This set is made of high quality Slacktivity products. With this set you already have some compontens to get ready for your first highline adventure. 

The has some advantages over different ways of tensioning: 

  • Light weight, the 80m (9:1) set comes in at 8294 grams. The 15:1 (100m) with the 50m at 10002 grams. 
  • With the Snatch / Linegrip and the HangOver you'll have a great system to tension your highlines in future.
  • The 2.4m adj. TreeSlings fit more than most trees, they stick to your tree and wont slide down. 
  • With the ConnectionLoop - Carabiner combo you have the perfect light weight connection, and so easy! 

the HangOverPulley consists of the following components (depending on the selected version):

  • 80m / 100m halfMarathon
  • seaHorse-DP
  • seaHorse
  • HangOver (3 to 5)
  • ChainLock (to fix the multiplier)
  • Snatch (WLL: 7kN) or LineGrip (WLL:8kN)
  • Slackline Carabiner 
  • ConnectionLoop
  • Dyneema sling (9:1)
  • TreeProtection (Length: 2.4m)
  • softRelease / 4m
  • Adjustable TreeSlings (Length: 2.4m)
  • softRP
  • Quicklink
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