Long lever ratchet, easy to reach maximum tension.

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MonsterRatsche - für extreme Vorspannungen

MonsterRatchet - For extreme tension

For longer jumplines extremly high tensions are required. With the 5T PowerRatchet these forces can be easily achieved. The ratchet has the big benefit that it pulls away from the tree. This is saver while tensioning and you can use the tree as solid point to put one leg on while tensioning. 

For extra security, the ratchet can be closed with a strap which ensures that the ratchet cannot open. Our 5T Monster Ratchet comes with our patented V-loop system.


  • for slacklines 35-38mm in width
  • Ratchet lever length: 26cm
  • Weight: 1680g
  • Material: high quality steel with galvanized surface
  • Breaking load: 50kN
  • WLL: 12kN

Features (USP)

  • maximum ratcheting power thanks to opening of the ratchet lever away from the tree.
  • ergonomic opening lever handle
  • double locking mechanism with security loop
  • V-Loop offers a variety of anchoring options

Note: Since the opening of the ratchet under high tensions is hard on the materials, we recommend detensioning your slacklines using a SoftRelease. 

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