TreeProtection Set

TreeProtection Set

LineSlider 2.0

The LineSlider protects slacklines and slings from abrasion damage or the upholstery cover of gymnastics boxes. With the practical Velcro fastener, the LineSlider can also be retrofitted to slacklines or slings.

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LineSlider 2.0 - Slackline- & Slingprotection

Great protector to protect your webbing our slings. The LineSlider is also highly recommended for slacklining in school sports to avoid abrasion damage to gymnastics boxes.

With the latest development from SLACKTIVITY, the LineSlider 2.0 offers a Velcro fastener along the entire length - so the protection can also be attached to slacklines or slings. The 4-compartment loops on both ends offer many adjustment options to fix the lineslider where you need it.


  • suitable for slacklines and slings up to 5cm wide
  • 80cm long, 7cm wide (closed)
  • Quadruple loops at both ends to fix the lineslider or to hang several together
  • 2-compartment fabric, high-quality felt fabric on the outside, tear-resistant polyester fabric on the inside
  • Reinforced edges at both ends make the LineSlider durable and robust
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