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QuickLink 8mm

QuickLink 8mm


Threaded HighlineLeash with rings, makes it easier to detect twists, nicer to handle and easier to untie.

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HighlineLeash 340cm - 350cm

Our threaded highline leash is the best choice for securing yourself to a highline. We threaded 345cm of Edelrid Anniversary dynamic rope through 20mm Nylon tubular webbing to create a redundant leash with a tight fit. The webbing has a soft feel to it, which makes it easy to climb after a leashfall and to untie your knot afterwards. The black edges are great for detecting twists in your leash, so that a whipper does not send you spinning around.

The length of 345cm meters is perfect to tie a strong knot with a backup knot on your harnass and the leashrings, and still have sufficient length to walk without getting bothered by the leash.

Our threaded highline leash comes with two green anodized aluminium rings. These rings are lightweight, strong, and provide a large surface area during a leash fall to prevent any damage done to your line. For the longest lifespan of your leash, store your leash without any knots in it. Tie and untie the leash from the leashrings before and after every session. Please be aware that highlining can be a dangerous activity if done incorrectly. We recommend to learn from experts before starting yourself. This product is to be used at your own risk. Slacktivity Slacklines is not liable for any injury and/or death that may occur while using this product.


  • Breaking load with Figure-8: 17kN
  • 9,7mm Dynamic rope (18% @ 10kN)
  • Threaded with tubular webbing
  • Threaded by Slacktivity
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