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The slackline shackle from slackliners for slackliners.

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KingPin - Aluminium-Shackle

Let us present the new master-piece of SLACKTIVITY – the «KingPin». The elegant and functional design has been tested, analyzed and further developed in countless 3D-print-models. This shackle – built of aircraft aluminium (AL7075) – weights only 107g (incl. PushPin and rubber cord) at a minimal breaking strength of 60kN (6 tons).

Shape, features and function of the shackle have been developed especially for the needs of slackliners. The mouth opening of 26mm width allows optimal handling to clip end loops, the deadMan plate, softRelease and 25mm-webbings. The high side plates offer perfect guidance for softRelease or primitive pulleys. The spacey bow of the shackle offers enough space for round slings or the SLACKTIVITY tree loops. The areas standing 120° to one another allow that chainlocks lie at a perfect angle on the shackle surface. The PushPin made of stainless steel with a diameter of 11.2mm has been weight optimized and is super easy to use. The rubber cord connects to the free turning PushPin with the shackle body. With some exercise, the KingPin can even be handled one-handed, which can be very useful, specially in highline-use.


  • Mouth Opening: 26mm
  • PushPin Diameter: 11.2mm
  • Material Shackle-Body: hot forged aircraft aluminium AL7075
  • Material PushPin: stainless steel (17-4PH)
  • Minimal Breaking Strength (MBS) longitudinal: 60kN / WLL: 8kN
  • Minimal Breaking Strength (MBS) cross: 28kN
  • Weight: 107g

Before using this equipment, you must read and understand all instructions for Use! Check the manual (PDF) on "Product Attachments"

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