HT RoundSling

This hightech round sling with dyneema core and robust polyester mantle brings a new level for rigging slackline anchor points. Thanks to the minimized diameter these spanset can also be easily hooked into smaller quicklinks or shackles - and this by keeping a very high breaking strength.

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Hightech Spanset with UHWMPE-Core

This sling is a super light weight core-mantle construction with a cool design. On the inside there are spliced UHWMPE fibers (also known as Dyneema) that offer a huge breaking strength at a minimal weight. On the outside there is a protective, robust polyester mantle that offers a high abrasion resistance. This hightech spanset is clearly more narrow compared to average round slings (30mm instead of 50mm polyester tube). Therefore the packing volume is clearly smaller and the sling is easier to clip into smaller quicklinks or shackles.


  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 8kN
  • Minimum Breaking Strength(MBS) in 8mm quicklink: 56kN
  • Further results from our breaking strength tests:
  • Breaking strength in 12mm shackle: 74kN; with a higher radius we reached a breaking strength of 88kN.
  • Breaking strength with a girth hitch fixation on a 12mm shackle: 57kN
  • Weight 0.5m HT-Spanset: 120 g
  • Weight 1m HT-Spanset: 215 g
  • Weight 2m HT-Spanset: 410 g
  • Weight 3m HT-Spanset: 600 g
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