halfMarathon 50m - 500m

HighTech polyester webbing with low packing mass and weight. Which is perfect for alpine products as main- or backup line. The low weight also makes it easy to control for longline tricks like bouncing or surfing. 

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halfMarathon - 20mm for king lines

Half-Marathon webbing is the royal webbing for your king line! Half-Marathon has all the technical qualities of the regular Marathon webbing while being 25% lighter. At a weight of 48.5 grams per meter, it’s one of the lightest polyester webbings on the market. The minimum breaking strength of 28kN allows you to slackline comfortably without compromising on safety. To ensure a smaller pack size, the webbing has a width of 20mm. Great for breaking records, longline tricks and alpine projects.

Half-Marathon is produced with a 3-layer construction which keeps the inner fibers at a higher tension than the outer fibers. This construction makes the line more abrasion-resistant, and ensures that the line remains soft underneath your feet, even at high tensions. The advanced manufacturing process gives Marathon a superb breaking strength to weight ratio of 28kN and 48.5 grams per meter. Furthermore, the 3-layer construction and high-performance fibers allow the edges to be perfectly round. The dual color design makes it easy to detect twists during rigging. Every order of Half-Marathon comes with spacers for the SeaHorse linelocker. For any other linelockers, spacers would need to be manually produced/cut.


  • Stretch @ 10kN: 4.5%
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 28kN
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Construction: flat strip, core-sheath construction, Form-8 architecture
  • Thickness: 2.6mm
  • Weight: 48.5g/m

Weight of the webbing

  • 50m halfMarathon: 2,40kg
  • 80m halfMarathon: 3,84kg
  • 100m halfMarathon: 4,80kg
  • 150m halfMarathon: 7,20kg
  • 200m halfMarathon: 9,60kg
  • 250m halfMarathon: 12.13kg
  • 300m halfMarathon: 14.55kg
  • 400m halfMarathon: 19.40kg
  • 500m halfMarathon: 24.25kg
Be aware that above weight are without shipping material. We can't ship packages which are more then 20kgs. The 400m halfMarathon in a shipping box is more then 20kgs. 

halfMarathon is available for lengths up to 500m. Countries inside of the European Union, the U.S. Mexico & Canada can order lines via the website. If you're interested in a line longer than 300m and you're not from any of the countries mentioned before, send us an email to support@slacktivity.com  (you can select the line, but there'll be no shipping possible. 

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