Marathon 50m - 500m

Marathon 50m - 500m

superJumpline 25m - 70m

superJumpline 25m - 70m

Experience 30m - 70m

Versatile and robust 37mm webbing. The perfect webbing if you can't choice between trick- and longlining.

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Slackline-Webbing «Experience»

The Experience Webbing with a width of 37mm is extremely versatile. Thanks to the low stretch, it can be rigged up to 50m with only two ratchets. It's pleasant to walk and on longer lengths it has nice dynamics for your first surf or bounce. On higher tensions on a length of 18-25m it can even be used as an trickline. So it's a long- and trickline in one, with just two ratchets. 
The 37mm is the perfect in-between for trick- and longlining. Less weight per meter, which is nice for longer lines. The 37mm is still nice to your body, thanks to the weave the line folds less under tension.


  • Stretch @ 10 kN: 5%
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 34kN
  • Weight: 63 g/m


  • Thanks to whiteGrip you can find better grip on the slackline, also in wet conditions.
  • Very robust webbing
  • 70cm stylish print for better contrast

Tip for tensioning

Up to 50m, the experience can can be easily tensioned with two monster ratchets. Distances up to 70m are also possible, but the slackline has to be tensioned slightly higher (2-3m). This is due to the the ratchet spools getting to full to tension more. 

When you plan to use your slackline on high tension it's recommend to purchase an SoftRelease to detension the slackline to prevent damage to your ratchets or webbing. An SoftRelease-4m is recommend when you want to rig your 30m+ line on high tension. 

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