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The Eddy is a very sturdy locking device. It serves as a backstop for the rope which is used as a pulley. It has a metal lever which holds even at high forces.
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Edelrid Eddy

The Eddy is a very robust rope blocking device. It serves as a break for the rope, which is used as a pulley. In contrast to the Grigri of Petzl it has a metal lever, which is more robust and can be used to detension high forces. Besides slacklining, you can also use it to belay (indoor or outdoor) or use it to ascend or decent on ropes while rigging your highline on hard to reach places.


  • Panic function for additional safety when relieving longlines (device locks automatically if the lever is pulled too far back)
  • Large release lever for controlled and even detensioning
  • Logical cable guidance and graphic representation of the correct application on the device
  • Suitable for rope diameters from 9.0 to 11 mm
  • Use up to 10 kN tension of the slackline (with 5: 1 base pulley)
  • Weight: 360 g
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