Primitive set

Primitive set

Longline-Kit mit Seilflaschenzug


Custom HangOverPulley

Customize your HLPS with discount. With a bit of discount on the basics, and some discount on the extra parts you can buy just the parts you need!
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Customize your own HangOverPulley with discount! 

Not ready yet for the whole set, or you already have another webbing or weblocks? Customize the product as you need it. Customizing it gives you a bit of discount compared to buying the product individually. On HangOvers and the LineGrip we're not able to offer any or only a little discount.


The HangOver Pulley Longline set is lighter in weight compared to rope pulley longline sets. In addition, this system has the advantage of leaving fewer components in the longline (softpointing) and thus the entire length of the slackline can be used. The setup of the HangOverPulley is relatively simple and fast, as the pulley is built up during the tensioning process over two to three stages (3: 1-> 9: 1 or 3: 1-> 5: 1-> 15: 1). During tensioning, the band is always locked in the seaHorse, which provides additional security. Compared to regular softpointing with a pulley system and a linegrip, the webbing directly get's pulled through the weblock, instead of creating slack between the weblock and the linegrip. Where the linegrip is holding all the tension. 

What to chose?

If you wouldn't select a thing to add to your set, you will receive 3 HangOvers, a LineGrip, a HCD Sling and a chainLock. 
Besides that you can get any of the other goods with a small bit of discount. Get 1 more HangOver is you already have one. Or a set of treepro when the one you have are at the moment a bit to short. These are 2,5m! Maybe you're interested in our handy treeloops, up to 250% lighter then industrial Roundslings! 

If you go for an HangOverPulley is highly advisable to get the an weblock with a good pretension ability, the seaHorse is the best choice for this. Be aware that this means the weblock also slips a little bit easier. For an good tie-back method check this video. 

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