Primitive set

Primitive set

ParkSet pinkTube

ParkSet pinkTube


With a rope pulley you can easily reach high tension up to 12kN. Perfect set to start your longline adventures!

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Rope Pulley with Marathon

The classic pulley comes with the Marathon Webbing between 80m & 200m. The Marathon is easy to tension due to it's low strech (4% @ 10kN). 
The set comes with the amazing deadManplate, thanks to the adjustable TreeSling you don't need any additional gear to attach the plate to the sling. You just thread the sling through one of the eyes and close the sling around the tree. The adjustable treeslings ensures the pulley system is as close as possible to the tree, this also has the advantage that the sling won't fall of your treepro while setting up. 

The set contains 1 single pin and 1 double pin seaHorse. This gives you the opportunity in the future to easily attach a softRelease to the seaHorse-DP and use an lineGrip to softpoint your slackline. More information about this can be seen in the second video starting at 4:05. You can choose to connect your weblock with a shackle to the pulley, or directly to the backpin of the seaHorse. 


  • 1x 80m/100m/150m/200m Marathon
  • 1x seaHorse (Weblock)
  • 1x SeaHorse-DP (Weblock)
  • 2x doubleBBP (ball-bearing double pulley)
  • 1x singleBBP (ball bearing single pulley)
  • 1x 30m/40m static rope with sewn end loop (d = 10mm, breaking load: 28kN)
  • 1x smallGrip (small rope blocker)
  • 1x bigGrip (big rope blocker)
  • 1x deadMan RiggingPlate (breaking load: 75kN)
  • 1x Edelrid Eddy (rope blocking device)
  • 2x 12mm shackles (stainless steel, breaking load: 60kN, 12mm)
  • 1x Aluminum Carabiner
  • 1x Steel Carabiner (to attatch the break to the rigginplate)
  • 1x QuickLink (screw chain link, 8mm)
  • 2x tree protection (L = 2.4m)
  • 2x adjustable Treesling (L = 2.4m/5m, breaking load: 36kN)

Weight: 9.4kg (without webbing)
Weight of the line: 4.8kgs (80m), 6.2kgs (100m), 9.3kgs (150m), 12,3kgs (200m)
WLL (total system): 10kN

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