HangOverPulley pinkTube

HangOverPulley pinkTube

HangOverPulley redTube

Most highlines worldwide are rigged with the SLACKTIVITY HangOver. Never before has it been easier and safer to tension longlines.

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HangOverPulley Longline-Set (3:1 / 9:1 / 15:1 +deluxe)

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The HangOver Pulley Longline set is lighter in weight compared to rope pulley longline sets. In addition, this system has the advantage of leaving fewer components in the longline (softpointing) and thus the entire length of the slackline can be used. The setup of the HangOverPulley is relatively simple and fast, as the pulley is built up during the tensioning process over two to three stages (3: 1-> 9: 1 or 3: 1-> 5: 1-> 15: 1). During tensioning, the band is always locked in the seaHorse, which provides additional security. Compared to regular softpointing with a pulley system and a linegrip, the webbing directly get's pulled through the weblock, instead of creating slack between the weblock and the linegrip. Where the linegrip is holding all the tension. 

the HangOverPulley consists of the following components (depending on the selected version):

  • 30m / 50m / 80m / 100m / 150m / 200m  RedTube
  • seaHorse-DP
  • HangOver
  • ChainLock (to fix the multiplier)
  • lineGrip G5 (WLL: 15kN)
  • Twist-Shackle
  • Dyneema sling
  • QuickLink
  • softRiggingPlate (15:1)
  • TreeProtection (Length: 2.4m)
  • softRelease / 4m / 10m
  • Adjustable TreeSlings (Length: 2.4m)
  • Shackle (15:1 deluxe)
  • DeadManPlate (15:1 deluxe)

Weight of the HangOverPulleys

The weights are calculated using the «STANDARD» softRelease. For the 4m version 100g and the 10m version 300g are to be added. Weights listed below are WITHOUT webbing. 

  • Basic set 3:1: 2890g
  • Basic set 9:1: 3230g
  • Basic set 15:1: 3630g
  • Basic set 15:1 deluxe: 4000g
Weight of webbing:
  • 30m redTube: 2.28kg
  • 50m redTube: 3.8kg
  • 80m redTube: 6.08kg
  • 100m redTube: 7.60kg
  • 150m redTube: 11.4kg
  • 200m redTube: 15.2kg

Weight of a possible configuration with the basic set 9:1, softRelease «4m» and 80m redTube: 9.41kg

Weight of a possible configuration with the basic set 15:1 deluxe, softRelease «10m» and 100m redTube webbing: 14.7kg

WLL (total system): 8kN

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