Rotation fun between four slackline webbings - the whole body workout with addictive potential!

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Wheel fun with the DaVinci Slackline

The DaVinci Slackline is a coordination demanding full body workout. Leg, trunk and shoulder muscles are trained equally, but above all it is great fun to learn these movements - beware of addiction! The possible movements are similar to those in a wheel with the difference that you have to press the four slackline bands with arms and legs outwards.

In order to bring the DaVinci Slackline to the desired tension, another conventional slackline or extension slings / rope pieces is necessary.

When practicing, it is recommended to use a soft mat (16-mat) or a crash pad. After the first few attempts, you immediately notice that the movement is less difficult than you might think at first.

Even non-slackliners can learn to turn with the DaVinci Slackline. It is advisable to have a second person help you until you have taken up the basic position (because this requires slackline skills).


  • 4 x slackline webbing «T20» with sewn loops
  • MBS: 25kN
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