seaHorse 2.0 weblock

seaHorse-DP V1




For use as a Weblock for rodeolines, lines up to 40m (not a highline) or for fixing a multiplier in a HangOverPulleySystem.

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Easy and cheap Weblock

Forged and anodized green chain link. Ideal to use in an Primitive/Ellington system, an cheap alternative to a weblock in combination with a shackle (not recommended for highlines) or easy connection for a HangOver as multiplier. 

Note: In this Weblock with an Shackle you can't pretension. 

  • Minimal Breaking Strength: 30kN
  • Dimensions outer:L=50mm, W=35mm
  • Dimensions inner: L=30mm, W=15mm
  • Designed for 25mm webbing
  • forged aluminum 7075-T6, green anodized
  • Weight 23g
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