DeltaQuickLink 8mm

DeltaQuickLink 8mm


Lightweight and easy-to-use carabiner for quick and non-load-bearing connections.

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Aluminium Carabiner

The aluminium carabiner has a simple opening, a "snapper". With this opening it's super easy to use for fast and efficient rigging. For example between your chest ascender and single pulley in a pulley system. Don't use it as a main anchor point; Aluminium isn't resistent against a constant static load with shock loads. 


  • Snap opening: approx. 17.5mm
  • Weight 78g
  • Material: Aircraft aluminum 7075-T6, SLACKTIVITY-green anodized
  • Breaking load longitudinal: 27kN
  • Recommended maximum load (WLL): 4kN

ATTENTION: Aluminium Carabiners should never be used on a constant load in your slackline setup!

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