Outdoor Slackline Paal «FIX»

Outdoor Slackline Paal «FIX»


This slackline is ideal for those who have no or little experience with slacklining. The slackline-webbing reacts very pleasant, it forgives the errors. The slackline webbing is specially developed for slacklining. The ratchet is easy and quickly to install.

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High quality 15m beginner slackline

The perfect set to start your slackline career! The set offers oppurtinities to train your walking and static tricks. Or do you first dynamic tricks on the line. Up to 8-10m it can be safely and easy tensioned up to tension to jump on it! Thanks to the slings the biner in the set is not triloaded, and you don't have a girth hitch anchor like most beginner sets (a girth hitch weakens your anchor: https://youtu.be/1Mz0352DFsU) 

Benefits compared to a standard ratchet beginner set:

  • Thanks to adjustable tree slings, the ratchet always hangs flat with the tree and will not swing
  • The steel carabiners with Twistlock-gate ensures quick and safe rigging and derigging.
  • Thanks to the whiteGrip, its easy to get a good footing on this slackline.
  • Tree protectors have a length of 2.4 meters, making them long enough for most trees.


  • 15m webbing (37mm wide) with sewn V-Loop
  • Sturdy ratchet with sewn V-Loop
  • 2 adjustable Treesling (2.4m long)
  • 2 steel carabiners with Twistlock-gates
  • 2 Tree protectors (2.4m long, 13cm wide)
  • 1 SLACKTIVITY-Bag with printed manual on it
  • 1 written setup manual
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