About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to all slackliners in the world. From beginners to slackline addicts. We dare to design the future of the slackline sport, for example with the HangOver, the KingPin, Seahorse and Y2K Webbing. 

We want to support the global community of slackliners and we are part of it. We design and test all our products by challening ourselves and helping the sport to make new steps. For example with longline records and the never ending search for what a human can do on a slackline. 

Our Team and Athletes

We started as a study project (a spin of from the ETH Z├╝rich) and now we are leading in the sport. We are a global team of slackliners, engineers, developers, physiotherapists, teachers and wrappers. We all want to give you the best experience on your slackline. We have a diverse team of athletes who are the ambassadors of our brand.

Slacktivity Slackline Athletes


We design and produce all our products with high quality standards to last long. All products are conducted through our Swiss quality control. In the chain of logistics we use the least packaging material as needed and we try to re-use or recycle it.

If you love me, protect me

We love trees and we want to protect them. Therefore, in almost all of our slackline sets tree protection is standard. Our new tree protection was developed in co-working with arborists. With its length of 2.4 m it's optimal to protect the trees. Regarding the topic tree protection, we are in close contact with the authorities for parks and slackline associations.