About us

Slacktivity Slacklines was founded by Tobias Rodenkirch and Samuel Volery as a spin-off company from ETH Zürich. Both are Master of Science in Movement Science. At this moment Slacktivity Slacklines is growing rapidly and worldwide available.

Our philosophy

Our goal is to promote the slackline sport in all its facets and offer lasting material required for this purpose in the best possible quality at a fair price. Therefore, we develop our products to the needs of the whole range from beginner up to slackline addict. To ensure the best quality of our products each slackline is conducted throught our Swiss quality control. Customer satisfaction is very important to us so we 're always keen to respond to the wishes and needs of our customers.

Packaging concept
For our products we use only as much packaging material as needed. We also reuse packaging material or to recycle it.

Tree protection
As a slackline manufacturer it's logical to prevent trees from damaging. Therefore, in almost all of our slackline sets tree protection is standard. Our new tree protection was developed in co- working with arborists. With its length of 2.4 m it's optimal to protect the trees. Regarding the topic tree protection, we are in close contact with the authorities for parks and Swiss- Slackline (Swiss Slackline Association).