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The Soft-Release System is designed to loosen a slackline in a very gentle way....


Our SoftRelease is developed to release slacklines in a safe and easy way. A SoftRelease can be used to detension lines rigged on ratchets, or lines that are softpointed with a HangOver pulley-system or linegrip. Using a SoftRelease increases the lifetime of your products, especially in the case of ratchets.


This SoftRelease is long enough to detension jumplines in an easy and safe way. Weighing only 180 grams and being rolled up in 15 seconds, this SoftRelease is really worth adding to your setup. For longlines, our SoftReleases with 4 and 10 meter attachments are recommended.


Please note that a SoftRelease must be used carefully. Make sure you have the appropriate length SoftRelease before installing your line. Watch and read our manual before use.


      • SoftRelease of 3 meters in length.
      • Can be used to detension really tight jumplines
      • Weight: 180g
      • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) 60kN
      • Main webbing: 25mm (polyester)


    • SoftRelease

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